~about tHiAmErE~

A small post about how i started blogging...

I started this blog as a way for me to keep track of my beauty adventures. I acquired a fascination in cosmetics & decided to write out the things that i have tried & what i think about them. As what i said before in a question that i answered on how i started out beauty blogging, it started with a box of Lancome cosmetics that my student gave me. That served as my Pandora's box because it opened up a world that i never have actually delved upon.

I only use simple products for my everyday look which is only powder & lip balm, i got excited when i opened the box. I was presented with a myriad of colors & products that i have never used. So i did some research & watched countless beauty videos only. I became so fascinated with watching it because it never occurred to me that it's possible to actually alter the face shape with the use of it. I was so clueless of it that it made me really do lots of researches on it & read books too.

Then i found myself perusing the aisle of beauty section looking for brands to try out. The same time i started to answer questions about make-up in the Y!Answer (which i was a former Top Contributor in the Comics & Animation) & earned a Top Contributor badge in the Make-up section. As time passed by, i got a bit tired since most of the questions that i answered are the same with what i answered before. I was thinking that it would be a lot better & helpful to make a journal...do entries & then link my answer to it so that not only people in the Y!Answer community would be able to profit from it but also those who uses search engines.

Thus i started to shift my anime blog to beauty blog... but it's easier to keep a blogger account for several reasons:

  • it's easier to keep track of other beauty blogs via google friend connect
  • it's less complicated than wordpress
  • it's easier to add widgets on blogger
  • i can take advantage of placing ads on my blog
So after considering these factors & some others, i decided to make a blogger account. I shifted most of the beauty post to blogger, but i left the Everyday Minerals post on it since it seems like it was the most popular post on my blog at that time.

At first, i was just blogging for the sake of being able to tell my adventures to link on my Y!Answer account, but as i gain friends (yes! I'd rather use friends than followers), i started to devote my time not for the Y!Answers community but because of the blogging community. It is such a nice community to be with... you really feel everybody welcoming you & sharing their experiences & recommendation. It is like having a group of girlfriends that you can talk with & share everything.

Thus, up until now, i try to keep a steady post to be able to show my gratitude & appreciation for those of you who continually leave inspiring & sweet messages for me. Making a blog entry has always been a fun wayfor me to communicate to the world. I tell my adventures & honest on each post making sure that the reader would feel like i am just talking to them face-to-face by using emoticons, feelings enclosed in **, elipses & others hoping that it would somehow make my readers feel welcome & that as they read my entry they would think that i'm just beside them.

Feel free to send me some messages over the email if you feel the need...whether it's a question, comment, suggestion, or even violent reaction. I welcome all feedback that i get from my readers. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. Thank you for being a part of my beauty adventures.

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu