Rainbow giveaway

Anastacia is having a giveaway

Here is the rules:
1) This is international open!
2) You must be a follower on my blog! If you not yet, start follow right now! It's OK!
3) You must tell me your story about " How did you start to love makeup/a beauty relation? " May be you had an inspiration by anything/anybody, just tell me your story!
4) The winner will be the one who tells the most interesting story, I'll be judge by myself! I hope you trust me :P
5) Only one lucky person can get the Rainbow prize!
It starts right now and will be completely end on 21 August at 10:00 PM Seoul time!

Click on the pic for more info

1 comment:

  1. ok how i got well i always looked plain and i love rainbow colors and i just didnt know how to show it and all my friends wore makeup so i was the only one who didnt wear any and one time i went to my friends house and she has lots i mean LOTS of makeup and she said "want me to put makeup on you? you really need to try it" so i said ok and i loved it i loved how i looked and she even said wow you look so much better and so since then i start wearing it and not always and somtime i dont like just to wear like black eyeliner somtimes i wear like pink purple crazy colors lol and i always paint my nails their never plain hehe